Schoolcardshop was a for-profit fundraising initiative aimed at nurseries and primary schools throughout the UK. Pupils would draw pictures on templates that Schoolcardshop would provide and subsequently parents and friends would order the artwork the children created as greetings cards, mugs, tshirts and other products.

When I joined the project it had been running successfully for a number of years, but was struggling to scale due to an out-dated and labour intensive management process.

Schools were signed up over the phone, and submitted their pupil information as CSV files which were then collated, validated and typed up by Schoolcardshop staff. I replaced this system with an online management area which took the school administrator through the process from sign-up to project completion. They were able to upload, view and modify all pupil information, as well as keep track of the project status in real time and monitor their earnings. This took a huge burden off Schoolcardshop staff members, eliminated the source of many of its delays and errors, and made the schools feel much more in control than they had before. It also allowed the project to cater to a higher number of schools each year.

I later extended the system to include automated invoicing and commission payments, automatic data-capture from the drawn templates, and automated print processing for the products that had been ordered by friends and family. This completed a full end-to-end automation project that introduced huge efficiencies to every part of the business.

If you have a complex business process that could be automated in the cloud, I have the expertise to make it happen!

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