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I'm used to working closely with companies in a wide variety of industries to bring their projects to market, from new websites and web applications to general programming, systems design, and consultancy Partner with me on your next application, website, or product

About Me

I'm an experienced developer with a strong business mind. I pride myself on my ability to get to know my customers and build solutions that solve their real world problems.

I like to stay at the forefront of the web technology world, and I use the leading tools and techniques to make your application or website performant and future-proof.

I'm available for work ranging from backend development support, to applications to commercial websites. Take a look at my case studies for an idea of the kind of work I do. I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland but I'm no stranger to remote work. I'm an excellent communicator and project planner, so don't hesitate to get in touch even if you're further afield.

Have third party services you need to link up?

I'm an expert at API Integration

I've built large systems which rely on many third party services to operate, so I'm comfortable dealing with the issues that kind of architecture inevitably throws at you. I regularly build new solutions that talk to anything from wordpress sites, legacy systems, enterprise database applications, you name it!

Have long running tasks you need to streamline?

I'm great at asynchronous / queued systems

I've worked on projects with a lot of heavy - but not time-sensitive - workloads and I have good knowledge of a range of queueing solutions

Have a print or artwork based business?

I've worked in print for years and I know how to design solutions around your systems

Before I was a full-time developer I worked in the print industry for many years and built up a wealth of knowledge around commercial and transactional print as well as more creative art-focused printing and publishing. I've since worked with some prominent businesses in similar fields from commercial printers to gallery owners and auctioneers.

Sell products online and want a bigger audience?

Talk to me if you'd like to put your existing ecommerce catalogue in front of millions of Amazon shoppers worldwide

I've developed and run very ambitious marketplace automation tools which manage many hundreds of thousands of Amazon listings and orders to this day. I can link your existing catalogue with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay seamlessly and bi-directionally with minimal changes on your part

Case Studies

Adam Smith Podiatry & Healthcare

I helped Adam Smith boost his online appointments by over 300% when I launched his new website to coincide with the opening of his clinic

Read the Case Study


I replaced Schoolcardshop's offline, paper-based processes with a complete suite of cloud based administration systems which integrated directly with their print and accounting systems

Read the Case Study

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